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    Calculating Max Concurrent Volume within 15 mins intervals

    Anwesha Ghosh

      I have data where we can see each interaction of a customer along with the start time and end time of the interaction. If I count each start as 1 and each end as -1 and then tally the total over a time axis, I can see the concurrent calls using Table Functions.


      Now my question is, how can I turn this into a KPI called max concurrent volume? To clarify, Maximum Concurrent Calls is not a call volume count; it is the maximum number of calls occurring simultaneously at any given second within the 15-minute time interval. So the idea is to calculate concurrent volume per second and then take the max per 15 mins window. How do I turn this concept into a Tableau calculation? https://public.tableau.com/static/images/Co/ConcurrentCallVolumeWorkbook/ConcurrentVolumebetween1amand2am/1.png

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          Mahfooj Khan

          Is there any chance to get a sample mock up data in packaged workbook?

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            Jim Dehner

            Not sure I totally follow - it would be easier if you included a twbx workbook thie the data - but you are using table calculations in your analysis - they are on the bottom of the order of operations (the last calculations made - even after totals) - so what does that mean - at that point only other table calculations are available (you can nest table calcs)  - you could try window_sum() if you are still totalyying in your intervals or window_max() if yo are looking for the max

            There may also be a way to avoid the table calculation in your original interval calculation using LOD's but I would need to see the data and viz



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