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    Athena- Tableau Error- [Simba][AthenaJDBC](100122) An error has occurred. Details: Exception during column initialization

    Aji Chacko

      I have connected AWS S3 bucket with tableau via Athena and deployed tableau Desktop and Server in AWS.


      We are getting error post establishing connection between Athena and AWS hosted tableau Desktop while updating the data source.


      The same approach we tried by connecting Athena with local Tableau Desktop, it worked fine.


      Configuration Detail


      1) Provided inline policy to tableau IAM user with full access to Athena, S3, Glue and EC2 instance. Not sure if any other permission required?

      2)Tableau Version: 10.5.3

      3)AthenaJDBC42_2.0.6 Driver



      We have also tried self-deploy option of tableau server in plain EC2 instance due to marketplace restrictive nature. There also we are getting same error.




      While calling refresh command from AWS server, the result set is getting generated in Athena query result location but same not pulled to tableau.



      Please find below SS for the same. Seems like connecting to Athena from tableau Desktop is working fine but metadata is getting restrictive. Also PFA Error detail.


      Tableau Athena Error.jpg