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    Why are actions not working on the dashboard

    Jaclyn Cribley

      I have a dashboard with three worksheets. I want to use one as a filter action for the other sheets on the view. It's not working, and I don't understand why since the field (Product Line) is on all three worksheets. I can't find a helpful article about the requirements on data sets to use the filter action. Any help us appreciated.

      Filter Action.png

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          Joe Oppelt

          You can only use fields from the primary data source as filter fields.


          Looks like you are trying to use fields from the secondary source.  (Product Line?  Or Product Name?)


          In the attached I changed the filter to use Feature Reference#, and that works.  It may not be what you want, but it demonstrates how filter actions work.


          Actually, as it is set up, if you click on "Test-GE Digital" on the Quarter sheet, it grabs all the Feature Reference # values and passes them.  You might still get the behavior you want  this way.