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    SUM/AGG Calc Field Challenge While Data Blending

    Jim Wilder

      I am blending two data sets on the customer key.  In the secondary data set, I have created a calculated field to count the number of days between two dates using the formula below.  Everything works great when looking at the customer crosstab, as the calc field shows up as AGG.  When trying to roll it up across other dimensions, the calc field will not SUM or further AGG, leaving the calc field null for all but the one with a single record.  I suspect my limitation is related to having multiple data sources, which required me to use ATTR in the calc field function.  Any suggestions on how I can create a SUM function that will continue to roll up across other related dimension?


      Calc Field:  DATEDIFF('day', ATTR([PDS_Leads].[Lead Date]), ATTR([InvoiceDate]))