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    Hiding first column in yoy calculation


      In the attached image, I do not want to see the first column


      First column refers the revenue in 2017 and second column refers the revenue in 2018.


      I do no want to hide the column manually as there are many such worksheets and looking for a fix that could be used across the sheets.


      There is no value for Region 6 in 2017-Q3




      I used filter for Revenue field. Navigated to Special-->Non-non values. But the result displayed is as shown below. The revenue value in Region 6 is not visible with this approach




      Please let me know how could I have the revenue value for Region 6  as well. I am looking for the below result set.




      Also, if there is time-index parameter that is set in database and years get automatically changed after a specific quarter, is there an automatic approach to hide the previous year automatically.


      In this case when the 2018 Q4 comes and comparison is done with 2017 Q due to change of time index in the database, can the previous year be hidden automatically