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    Removing Excess "Abc" from text table

    Stephen Reid



      As per title looking to see if theres a 'cleaner' way to remove "Abc' from last column of a text table


      Looking to have two columns of text, with first column being "Date", and second column being "Event". Also looking to have Events with same Date  -  be listed on the following row - rather than in same row & cell


      In the attached file I have three different set ups.


      -  Sheet one has two columns, but the second row has two event items on the one row


      -  Sheet two nearly has structure im looking for (different rows for events with same date) - but has the unwanted "abc" in third column


      -  Sheet three is a way of getting rid of the Abc by adding a third data point to the Text icon - however would prefer not to add clutter


      Have seen some talk of adjusting  the  table set up - via analysis menu - but I couldn't make it work


      All suggestions welcome