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    While swaping worksheets in Dashboard based on filter conditions - how to resize the worksheet ?

    Rajini Natarajan



      I have 2 worksheets and based on filter conditions ( Category  = Sales+Revenue' ) by first sheet should be display and if Category is Sales alone then 2nd sheet should be displayed

      But the Dashboard should dynamically fit the size according to the worksheet layout..


      Here with attached the datasource ..



      When I filter the  Category = Sales+Revenue


      I will see the 1st worksheet displayed ..



      ActPlan% YA ActYA Plan%
      1010 C17090
      2030 C250100
      3040 Total120190
      ActPlan% YA ActYA Plan%
      510 C410090
      510 C510090
      1020 Total200180


      When I filter the Category for Sales alone I see blank for Revenue and Sales details are displayed after 










      ActPlan% YA ActYA Plan%
      1040 C410090
      2050 C5200190
      3090 Total300280



      I dont want to see the blank in the Dashboard when I select Sales .. How to accomplish this ?


      I want the Sales to come on top without any blank lines in Dashboard


      Kindly help me