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    Dynamic parameter value

    Amit Singla

      Hi All,


      How are you all.


      I've a requirement wherein I want the maximum value of my integer type parameter changes automatically as per the data I have.

      I tried using "Set from field" but that option selects the max value as of that time but when I refresh the data the value does not change.


      Has anyone implemented anything similar and have a sample workbook for reference?


      any help would be highly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!




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          Naveen B

          Hi Amit,


          As of now this feature is not available in tableau.


          There is an Idea you can vote there https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1178


          there is workaround for this by accessing the dashboard using java script API




          or if you are using tableau 2018.3

          check this extension



          Hope this helps.

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            Amit Singla

            Hi Naveen,


            Thanks for replying.


            Unfortunately I'm on 10.5 and can't use the extension mentioned.


            The issue I'm facing is, we have a report data for which gets updated on weekly basis. We have the report designed to show numbers on week on week basis. Now due to the screen size we have limited the view as 14 weeks to be displayed but have given the control to the user to scroll through previous weeks using the slider (integer parameter). Also, I want to restrict the user to be able to select week as week 1 till current available week as I don't want the sheet to go blank if the user select any future week.


            I tried the below approach:


            - Created an integer parameter "View from Week" with starting value as 1 and maximum value selected from using "set from field".

            - created a calculated field with formula "[Fiscal Week Number]  >= [View from Week] and [Fiscal Week Number] <= [View from Week]+13" to show the 14 weeks from the week number selected by user


            But the issue with this approach is, as the new data will come through every week the maximum week number value in Parameter does not get updated automatically depending on the field value.



            Not sure how i can achieve the required functionality.