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    Dynamic reference line on binned histgram and share of total of a specific dimension member (Tableau_64bit-2018-3-2)

    Peter Zonsky

      Hi all,

      I would appreciate your input on the following issues:



      My goal is the display of a histogram showing current and prior year data; data means share of bookings and running share in this case (accomplished).

      The bins used for the x-axis shall be of dynamic (i.e. selectable) size (accomplished).

      The histograms shall show the median for each year as a reference line that moves according to the filter settings that a user (not accomplished; see "Issues").

      The tooltip shall show the ratio of bookings for the selected bin for prior year and current year (not accomplished; see "Issues").



      I have created a dual axis chart based on bins that can be customized via parameter.

      The bins are realised with calculated fields (instead of Tableau's inbuilt function) because I want to create vertical reference lines on the x-axis using those bins later down the track; this approach might be incorrect.

      I calculated the median per year and tried to pass it into parameters which are used as source for the reference lines.



      1. The reference lines are static; the values have been passed into the parameters once but do not update (in case of filtering etc.)

      2. Tableau shows the share of bookings (for each respective bin) for each year correctly once the according year graph is selected.

          However I would like to see the share of both years in the tooltip at all times; I did not manage to calculate the share of each year's bookings and pass it to the tooltip.

          To make it more transparent: If I select a data point of the 2019 histogram and see the share of bookings in 2019 in the tooltip, I also want to see the share of 2018 bookings for the selected bin size.


      A lot of text, hope I managed to explain the issue in a clear manner.

      All input is much appreciated!


      Many regards!