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    Name of the.tds file is shown when .tdsx file is open on desktop

    gaurav tilara

      Hi Team,


      We are currently using tableau 2018.1.2

      Database that we connect to is oracle 12 c standard edition

      we are facing a question why a .tdsx when opened locally shows the .tds name.


      1) create a Datasource extract

      2) Add the DS  to saved datasources and save as a .tdsx file (name it as test1.tdsx).

      3) open another workbook and connect to the saved .tdsx (Expectaion is to see test1.tdsx) but what  we see is federated.03vfwbd1o7bv9y13zhxdj1v58kmr . on investigation we came to know this is the name of the .tds file


      Please refer the Screenshot below




      can any one please help us out why this is happening??.