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    Variable Reference Bands On Continuous Dates

    Dana Chaffin

      Note: I'm aware my request is not best practice for visualization. I'm working with a new group and getting them out of PowerPoint. They wanted to keep some of the old look they're used to (Picture C below)... Don't worry, I'll get them there... sometimes it takes baby steps.



      Below is a screenshot of a dashboard mock-up of Call Volume and to show KPI coloring on a line chart


      Picture A

      1-15-2019 3-41-58 PM.png

      In the background are reference bands that indicate the banded GREEN and YELLOW targets (outside would be RED) for quick visual reference.


      The targets change in December due to expected drops in calls and I was able to accomplish this visual by using Discrete dates.


      The leadership liked it... but...


      When I showed them a mock-up of 2019 they didn't like the single dot


      Picture B

      1-15-2019 3-44-35 PM.png


      They wanted all the months to show (because that's what they're used to) even though they have one month of data (below). I did this with Continuous Dates, changed the axis from 12/18/18 to 12/31/19, truncated the date, and other tricks.


      Picture C

      1-15-2019 3-45-43 PM.png


      but I can't get the reference bands to do the change in target for December (due to the Continuous Dates).



      How can I get the look of Picture C (I know, not best practice) with the reference bands from Picture A without touching original data source?


      Thanks for your help.