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    percent change calculated field aggregation issue

    Alex Braga

      Hi all,


      I’m trying to calculate a simple percent change as a calculated fields (% ADT vs CLM Util Off by) but is not working as it should. The measures that compose the percent change are ADT Util and CLM Util which are coming from the same data sources.

      They are defined as such:


      ADT Util =

      IF contains("ADT,FLO",[Data Source]) THEN [Number of Records]

      ELSE 0




      CLM Util =

      IF [Data Source] = 'CLAIMS' THEN [Number of Records]

      ELSE 0




      The percent change is being calculated as:

      % ADT vs CLM Util Off by = ([ADT Util]-[CLM Util])/[CLM Util]


      The issue is that this percent change is not being aggregated and therefore is not getting calculated correctly. Highlighted in yellow below is what's wrong. Any ideas on how I can if the calculation?



      Thanks in advance!