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    Prior value based on date diff


      hello guys so i need some help getting a prior value display on my dashboard, the prior value should display each KPI's prior value based on the date interval on the Todate and Fromdate,

      so in a nutshell, the datediff between the Todate and From date is subtracted from the Fromdate to get the preceding 45days in the example below and i want to have those values displayed as in my dashboard attachment so i can give an up and down arrow display

      *+Prior Value Example+*

      FROM 1/10/2018
      TO 2/24/2018

      Date Diff = 45 days

      Prev FROM = 11/25/2017 \[Prev TO\] \- \[Diff (TO \- FROM)\]
      Prev TO = 1/9/2018 \[FROM \- 1 day\]

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