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    Line Chart - Comparison With Peers

    Lusiana Djie


      In the picture above, I have a line chart showing a sales agent performance (Amy) in the past 6 weeks. I would like to have another line that shows her peers' perfomance, in order for her to check if she has been outperforming/underperforming. How could I achieve this? Especially when I already have a filter in place select only one person.

      I'm unfortunately unable to share the workbook as it contains confidential information. Would appreciate if anyone has a solution to this, thanks in advance!

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          Ken Flerlage

          I'd suggest the following:


          Create a parameter and populate it with all of the names.


          Remove the filter and place Name on the detail card. This will create a line for each person.


          Create a calculated field that will allow you to highlight the person you select. Something like:


          IF [Name] = [Selected Name] THEN






          Then drag that to the color card. Set Grey to a grey shade and Color to some other shade such as Red. Once you do this, you'll have a bunch of grey lines for the other people and a red line for the person you select. So you'll be able to highlight the selected person while comparing to peers.


          Here's an example using superstore.

          I've attached the example.

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            Tim Dines

            In order to compare one person's performance to that of the others, I would create a group that is comprised of all the people not chosen for comparison.  This will give you the average performance of everyone other than Amy or whomever else you choose for comparison.  Then you just need to put the person chosen in a parameter and the group in detail to have two lines.  You can color them differently if this helps the visualization.