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    TableauException (999): Unknown error

    William Hall

      I've been using the tableau extract API to successfully write out .hyper files from dataframes within python 3.7. Appart from some challenges around data types this has been working well for me and my colleagues for the past few months.

      As of a few days ago, I've started to get the above error when using this. More detailed below.


      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "Daily Update.py", line 540, in <module>
        File "Daily Update.py", line 209, in df_to_hyper
          newExt = Extract(dest)
        File "C:\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\tableausdk\HyperExtract.py", line 594, in __init__
          raise Exceptions.TableauException(ret, Exceptions.GetLastErrorMessage())
      tableausdk.Exceptions.TableauException: TableauException (999): Unknown error


      It can be seen to be raising an error at the point of calling the Extract function, which is the first step with interaction with the TableauExtract SDK. As this is failing at the point of creating the .hyper file on disk for editing I'm confident this is not an issue with e.g. any data that's being passed to it. I've even tried the example scripts and not gotten anyware.


      Further, by following the traceback into the HyperExtract.py file it appears the error is coming from within the appropriate .lib file. This means i'm not able to do any real trouble shooting as I cant dig into the .lib file and the error provides nothing to go on.


      I've tried re-downloading and replacing the offending .lib file, and the whole library in case sometihng had become corrupted but this gave no change.


      Any pointers on resolving this error would be much appreciated.