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    Summing problem with joined table

    J Johns

      I'm new to Tableau.


      I am struggling to get a correct total.


      I'm trying to get the sum of the loan_amount from contracts. I can do it if I break the data out by individual contracts records and use Attr or Min or Max, they all give the correct loan_amount. I attach "Screenshot 1.png" which shows this.


      But 'Sum' gives me an incorrect loan amount. It's showing in Screenshot 1, but more to the point, when I remove ID from 'columns' as shown in Screenshot 2.png" you can see the issue ... nothing gives me the correct total.


      I think it's caused by an associated table (called draws) which is defined in the data source. If I check each contract, it appears that the loan amount is wrong by a multiple that equals the number of associated records on the joined table. E.g. contract 4499 has 2 associated records on the draws table, and its loan amount is showing as 2x the actual loan amount.


      Btw although draws is not being used in this case, it is being used in other worksheets in the project.


      Thanks in advance.