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    Tableau Server and SQL Server  Authentication

    Abby Palcer

      General Question:


      How do people connect from the Tableau Server to the SQL Server?


      1. Kerberos
      2. Impersonation
      3. Other ????


      The only authentication I can get to work is impersonation. I am struggling with the idea that this is the only way I can do this.  Because I have a hard time accepting that I will need to impersonation several 100 people on the SQL Server/database versus using AD groups. We attempted Kerberos but something in the keytab was not working and it was throwing errors.


      I have no issues build the report on the desktop app. All of these issues are coming from the server.



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          Hello Abby,


          Tableau Server can use Windows Authentication to login into the SQL Server. Otherwise, yes, a username and password would need to be set up for the users to connect to the data. See the section in the product help linked below about authentication methods to MS SQL Server.


          + Microsoft SQL Server - Tableau


          Additionally, Tableau Server allows for SQL Server Impersonation to be used as well, which allows a single account to act on behalf of others when connecting to the SQL Server. More information can be found in the product help linked below.


          + SQL Server Impersonation - Tableau


          Additionally, if you are running into issues with setting up Kerberos with Tableau Server, please share the error that was being encountered and I will do my best to provide information on how to resolve it. Given setting the Kerberos environment is still desired.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

          Community Manager

          Tableau Software