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    How to report based on a common date field rather than two different date fields?

    Nikhil Sahni

      I want to get the count of Ids created every month and count of ids completed every month (No matter when they were created). Sheets "Count of IDs created every month" and "Count of completed IDs every month" show the correct numbers that I expect, but I want both the graphs on one view so that I can show side by side or bar in bar chart. This is not happening currently because I am using different date field for each bar graph. If I use "Created" date field to count the IDs completed with a filter of "overall status" set to "complete" then that would represent the count of completed ids in a month that were created in the same month. This is not I want. The whole purpose of this report is to show how many Ids are being created every month, how many Ids are being completed every month (irrespective of when they were created) and a trend line of a backlog of the open ids.


      I have attached the Tableau report with this. As you can see the data is in three different sheets and I am doing a union on two sheets A and B. In another data source, I am trying to make a join between the union and a third sheet to use the date field in the third sheet as my common date. But still, it is not working out. I would really appreciate if someone can guide me through this.