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    Think Data Thursday - Data Art, Infographics, and Business Dashboards - January 24th - 8:00 AM PST

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      Join Zen Master Steve Wexler for his presentation:



      Data Art, Infographics, and Business Dashboards: What you can show vs. what you should show


      Overwhelmed by the variety of data visualization examples you’re seeing in magazines, twitter feeds, or on Tableau Public? You’re not along as we’re experiencing a deluge of “viz porn” -- creative, and often confusing, ways to present data. If you’re also wondering “given all this, how should I present my data” you are again not alone.


      In this session, five-time Tableau Zen Master and Big Book of Dashboards author, Steve Wexler, will explore how people process (and mis-process) information along with three overarching principles that will help you present your data so people can best understand it.


      Registration link here:  Webinar Registration - Zoom

      This event has occurred in the past - you may watch the presentation on YouTube here:  Think Data Thursday - Data Art, Infographics, and Business Dashboards - YouTube


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