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    Current Vs Goal

    Fred Brown



      Is there a way to create a look like this in Tableau?



      Edit: Please see attached the twbx of what I'm working on


      Thanks very much!

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          Sankar M

          Hello Fred,


          Yes, we can create it. Are you having some trouble with doing this report.



          Sankar M

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            ShivaRam Chennapragada

            Hi Fred,


            Welcome to the forums! Here's a starter guide to the forums - Tableau Forum Guidelines


            Without looking at how your data is actually structured, and assuming you're just trying to compare Actual vs Goal, this can be best visualized using a simple bullet graph


            Quick Start: Bullet Graphs - Tableau


            Hope this helps,




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              Fred Brown

              Hello Sankar,


              Thanks for your prompt response.

              I have tried so many times to do this but to no avail.


              How do I go about this?


              Thanks very much!



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                Fred Brown

                Hello Shiva,


                I am able to this using a bullet graph. Is it possible to show this as a table?





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                  Sankar M

                  Hello Fred,


                  Could you please attach the twbx what you were trying to create. Then we can know the issue you are facing.




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                    Fred Brown

                    Hello Sankar,


                    Please find attached the twbx of what I'm trying to work on.


                    Thanks very much for your response.



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                      Tushar  More



                      I'd suggest restructure your data to get the desired result. This the closet I got with the existing structure.


                      Workbook is attached.



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                        Michael Hesser

                        Hi Fred;

                        I was able to reproduce much of what you asked for, but it wasn't a straight forward process due to the structure of your data. Rather than having a more typical file where the data is listed in rows & columns, you have a flat file of aggregated values.


                        Do you have a way of restructuring this so it is in a more easily processed table, rather than a long list of values?


                        Perhaps this is what you got "stuck with"-- I get it-- it's happened to me!


                        Here's what I did:

                        I started by pivoting your entire dataset. You can do this in Tableau, but Tableau Prep may be even better.

                        Pivoting the dataset left us with 1 dimension [Pivot Field Names] and one measure [Pivot Field Values].


                        The name of your KPI isn't included in the supplied data file, so I calculated that using this quick calculation:


                        right([Pivot Field Names],5)


                        Observers will note a problem here right away: this calculation assumes the correct KPI name will always be the last 5 digits of the field name you provided (so "Current KPI 2" is coverted to "KPI 2"). But a 2-digit KPI, or a KPI that is misnamed (like "KPI 2's Current Value") is going to mess this all up. This is one more reason to pursue a table!


                        Since pivoting combines both Current and Goal, I needed to break those out into separate dimensions. I did this through two LOD formulas:


                        {FIXED [KPI]: max(iif(contains([Pivot Field Names],"Current"),[Pivot Field Values],null))}




                        {FIXED [KPI]: max(iif(contains([Pivot Field Names],"Goal"),[Pivot Field Values],null))}


                        I dropped KPI, Current, and Goal on Rows, modified the format of the numbers,  and got this view:


                        A few notes: While you may be have been "stuck" with this file, I need to mention that Tableau is very good at aggregating large numbers very quickly. Tableau is also all about helping people see and understand their data (that's right from the horse's mouth!) I admittedly don't know what constraints you are working under, but I feel that you may not be embracing the true strengths of Tableau and instead trying to make it produce an Excel-flavored spreadsheet


                        There's a time a place for grids of numbers-- we're accustomed to them, and oftentimes people ask for them exclusively. But using things like a bullet graph (per ShivaRam Chennapragada ) -- boldly visual representations of data which are supported by raw numbers-- can help your users quickly answer questions like:

                        Which KPI has the highest/smallest budgeted goal?

                        Which KPI is furthest from reaching its goal? ...as a rough percent? In dollars?

                        Humans aren't very good at looking at a spreadsheet and figuring this out.


                        If this is all basic stuff you already knew-- please accept my apologies Otherwise, maybe you want to think not only about HOW you can display something that way, but SHOULD you?


                        I've attached my TWBX showing my work. I hope this helps!

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