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    Tableau Online: Retrieving a list of Views/Dashboards a (SAML) authenticated user has access to

    David Stone

      Hello there.


      First let me explain my setup.


      We are building a portal application.

      We are using Tableau Online.

      Our users authenticate via SAML (SSO).


      Currently we have it so private views can successfully be embedded within our portal, secured via SAML.


      What we would now like to do is get a list of the views the current logged in user has access to.


      I see there are various REST API endpoints available but the REST API doesn't support SAML.

      I could use well know user credentials to make the REST API calls on behalf of the user but that seems insecure to me.


      I've also tried using impersonation via the REST API auth login endpoint but it seems Tableau Online doesn't support impersonation:


      POST /api/3.2/auth/signin



        "credentials": {

          "name": "XXX@gmail.com",

          "password": "XXXYYYZZZ",

          "site": {

            "contentUrl": "sitename"


          "user": {

            "id": "User GUID to impersonate"





      Responds with


          "error": {

              "summary": "Signin Error",

              "detail": "User 'XXX@gmail.com' is not a system admin and may not impersonate as another user.",

              "code": "401001"





      Does anyone have any ideas on how I could get a list of the views that the (SAML) authenticated user has access to?



      Kind regards