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    #Datavizchat – A Twitter Community Get-Together - March Meetup

    Alex Waleczek

      Hello everybody,


      as you might now, there is a huge Tableau/ Dataviz community on Twitter but when I was at #TC18 in October, I was actually asked how to become a member of the community and I was a bit surprised by the question.

      While it is very simple in the forum here - you just sign up and ask your question - on Twitter it's a bit more fluent and difficult to pinpoint where the community starts and where it ends.

      To help with this, I had the idea to host a Twitter Chat, with the aim to get to know each other and integrate whoever is keen to be part of the community.


      The only thing you need is a Twitter account! So, if you take part in #MakeoverMonday or #WorkoutWednesday or if you always wanted to get involved with the wider community, this is your chance!






      If you want to participate just use this link at the indicated time and take part in the discussions: https://twitter.com/hashtag/datavizchat


      You can find also find some more details, times, how to participate, etc here: https://www.curvediscussion.com/datavizchat-a-twitter-community-get-together

      If you have any questions ask away here or on Twitter!


      If you know of people who would like to get to know like minded data viz enthusiasts, let them know as well!


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