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    Détecter la données non mise à jour

    ibrahima diop



      j'ai des cours d'indice J-1 qui remonte à J (sauf le vendredi remonte à lundi), je souhaite faire un contrôle (OK ou KO) si le cours est présent ou pas.

      Comment devrai-je faire ce contrôle sur Tableau ?


      Merci de votre aide

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello ibrahima,


          Welcome to the Tableau Community Forums! 


          Thank you for bringing this question to the community. Our community is primarily manned and questions primarily answered by other customers of Tableau. It really is an amazing community of volunteers helping each other. 


          In order to make your time here successful, please try to add a packaged workbook to each question submitted.  This workbook should have extracted data and as many details as possible to help others engage and assist you.


          Here are a few resources to help you engage with the forums successfully: Getting Started in the Forums and Packaged workbooks: when, why, how


          Thank you and again - welcome to the forums.