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    How to apply filters from one worksheet across multiple dashboards

    Andy Knowles

      Hi all,


      Please accept my apologies - I am sure this is a very simple problem but I keep running into issues.


      I have a map in one worksheet with a number of grid of locations indicated by small circles - I have then created a dashboard so that when you click on one of the grid point it brings up a whole load of stats in simple text tables to the right of the map. Unofrtunately I cannot fit all the stats on one dashboard. I have created a second dashboard with the same map (in the same position) - my goal is that when you select a grid point on either dashboard all that stats are updated (on both dashboards). My problem is that when I switch between dashboards I can have one grid point selected on dashboard 1 and completely different grid point selected on dashboard 2, and I am trying to prevent this.  I have tried using Actions but am experiencing funny behaviour (my fault - I'm sure) like it will jump to the second dashboard.


      thanks in advance