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    Flag for prior year sales comparison

    Roisha Pal

      Hi Guys,



      I have Account names and 2017 sales and 2018 sales, vpy is sales difference Of 2018 and 2017.

      vpy% sales increase or decrese percentage.



      My requirement is if sales of 2018 is greater than 2017 and vpy% is >100% then F

      If 2018 sales is lesser than 2017 and percentage is Lesser than -100% then U.



      For Example if my sales was 1290 in 2017 and sales increaed to 5478 in 2018, in this case sales got increased and the percentage is 324.65% which is greater than 100% so it should display F

      If percentage is less than 100% then it should show the percentage directly instead of F or U.



      Can anyone help me how to achieve this? attached is my sample workbook.