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    Display 0 instead of blank/null when using COUNTD()

    Muhammad Kamal

      Hi all,


      I'm using a COUNTD() calculation field as a Text in a Worksheet with Marks are Automatic and some filters, some times those filters cause this COUNTD() displays blank text, I need to display 0 instead of this blank, I tried the following:

      * Using Number Format (#,##0; -#,##0;"")

      * Using Special Values (eg. NULL) text as 0

      * Changing the COUNTD() to SUM() and use ZN() with it


      all previous solutions are failed, so any idea ??




      here's an update, the issue is not in SUM some NULL values, so ZN does not work, and all suggestions I went through assume that I'm trying to do this,


      but, the real issue is that I'm trying to count "0 marks",


      now any ideas ??




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