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    Business KPI wanted to be visualised

    Matan Sabag

      Hi guys,

      For long I'm struggling with this one:

      In the following table, I present the number of sellers who opened a small shop vs a big shop with or without a consultant (in a particular date).

      My KPI is to have as many people opening a big shop and to show that using a consultant helps to do so.

      Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 12.31.18.png

      I want to show a trend over time of sellers with the big shop but I want the % trend to differ by color using the following calculation:
      (shop_type=big & got_consultant=yes) / (got_consultant=yes) vs (shop_type=big & got_consultant=no) / (got_consultant=no)
      In numbers: 1626/(1626+282) vs 2265/(2265+2414)

      I want to see it in the same graph differ with color like this:

      Is it possible??