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    Dynamic / Relative Date Filters

    Alexis Jensen



      I have a dataset with about 24 months of data where there is a date field with snapsht dates for the last day of every month.  I want to have a filter where you can select a "current month" date and it automatically includes "last month" and "last year" .


      Eg: If I select "31/12/2018" then the filtered values for [Date] would be 2018-12-31, 2018-11-30 and 2017-12-31



      I would prefer not to use a parameter as that requires updating each month, but will do so if it is the best solution.  I am also not sure the best way to formulate the IF or CASE statement.


      I have included a packaged workbook of data.  Version is 10.3 as that is our server version.


      I appreciate any ideas.