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    ROUND function not working as expected

    Anjali Sn



      I have a column in the database whose values are float values. But when I try to write a calculated field on that column, using ROUND function, it's not rounding to the required number of decimals.


      Like I'm doing something like: STR(ROUND([column],2))


      And getting the value of it as :



      Why is that???

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          Deepak Rai


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            Shinichiro Murakami

            It's long time discussions.


            Here is one post relating to that

            .Error when converting rounded number to string


            It's not a bug, but troublesome...






            Jonathan DrummeyData Monarch


            I ran into what sounds like the same problem a year ago on v7 when using STR(ROUND([some aggregate])), the case # was 258703 and was submitted as a bug.


            The workaround I was given from Tableau is the following calc that does a bunch of string testing:



            1. If right(STR(ROUND([Profit Ratio],ATTR([Decimal Places]))), 2) = Str("99") then 
            2.     Left(STR(ROUND([Profit Ratio]+.0001,ATTR([Decimal Places]))), Find(STR(ROUND([Profit Ratio]+.0001,ATTR([Decimal Places]))),".") + ATTR([Decimal Places])) 
            3. Else 
            4.   Left(STR(ROUND([Profit Ratio],ATTR([Decimal Places]))),Find(STR(ROUND([Profit Ratio]+.0001,ATTR([Decimal Places]))),".") + ATTR([Decimal Places])) 
            5. End 
            In my case, the strings were ultimately only about doing some complicated formatting and I was able to avoid this entirely by taking advantage of 8.0's new ability to have multiple pills on the Text/Label Shelf, and then have individual custom number formats for each pill. Another workaround that has sometimes been possible is to use a RAWSQL function to format results (in my case, I was using a Tableau Data Extract so that wasn't feasible). Jonathan

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              Chris McClellan

              How does that put a % sign on the end ?

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                Jonathan Drummey

                Hi Shin,


                Unfortunately the Tableau-provided calculation that I referenced in that old post fails in some situations, for example with the number 1.16 and 2 decimal places where it returns 1.15 instead:


                Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 1.11.00 PM.png


                I've been revisiting problem every once in awhile for years and think I finally nailed it. Note that the issue as I define it is, "For whatever reason we absolutely must return a string representation of a number with the proper formatting and are not able to use Tableau's built-in number formatting."


                To solve this I created calculations that separate the integer & decimal portions and do the necessary math and then put them together into a rounded string (that also properly handles negative numbers and thousands separators):


                Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 1.24.16 PM.png


                Besides being more accurate it should be faster in a number of cases because unlike the Tableau provided string calculation it doesn't have to do any string comparisons and cuts the # of string conversions from 5 to 2.


                So people don't have to download the workbook here are the calcs, they all assume we're starting with a [Number] field.


                Integer Portion:

                //take whole part of original number


                //this math determines whether the whole number should be rounded or not

                + INT(


                        // get the number as a rounded integer

                        ROUND(ABS([Number])*POWER(10,[# of Decimal Places]),0)

                        //then substract the integer, we'll end up with 0/1, 0/10, 0/100 etc. as results

                        - INT(ABS([Number])) * POWER(10,[# of Decimal Places])


                    //then divide this by the multiple we've used to end up with 0 or 1

                    / POWER(10,[# of Decimal Places])



                Decimal Portion:

                //returns the decimal portion as a rounded integer number at

                //the desired number of decimal places


                //do the rounding out at the desired number of decimal places

                ROUND(ABS([Number]) * POWER(10,[# of Decimal Places]), 0)

                //subtract the integer portion of the number

                    - INT(ABS([Number])) * POWER(10,[# of Decimal Places])


                //if the result is divisible by 1, 10, 100, etc. then it needs to be 0

                //the modulo function handles that

                % POWER(10, [# of Decimal Places])


                Rounded String:

                //this puts the integer & decimal parts back together and also handles a number of special situations:

                //  number is negative but rounds to 0

                //  Tableau's string conversion doesn't include thousands separators so we add them

                //  if the decimal portion doesn't have enough precision then pad out 0's as necessary


                //negative sign

                IF [Number] < 0 AND NOT([Integer Portion] = 0 AND [Decimal Portion] = 0) THEN






                //whole number portion

                //Uses thousand separators regex by Pooja Gandhi https://community.tableau.com/message/525702#525702

                //This does not work on table calcs as of v2018.3 https://community.tableau.com/ideas/6239,

                //Therefore if you are using table calculations you'll need to use a different method

                //for thousands separators: https://community.tableau.com/thread/134849

                + REGEXP_REPLACE(STR([Integer Portion]), '([0-9](?=(?:[0-9]{3})+(?![0-9])))', '$1,')


                //decimal part

                + IF [# of Decimal Places] > 0 THEN


                    + STR([Decimal Portion])

                    //pad out 0's for # of decimal places

                    + IF INT(IFNULL(LOG([Decimal Portion]),0)) < ([# of Decimal Places] - 1) THEN

                        LEFT('000000000000000', [# of Decimal Places] - 1 - INT(IFNULL(LOG([Decimal Portion]),0)))








                Tableau v2018.2 workbook is attached.



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                  Shinichiro Murakami

                  Thank you, Jonathan.


                  Anyways, it's quite a bit complicated..

                  I am going to think about easier(?) one later..




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                    Jonathan Drummey

                    I agree, it is quite complicated and I’d love for someone find a simpler solution! What happened  for me as I was building out the calcs is that the simpler solutions only worked for certain numbers (or # of decimal points) and not others. I’d regularly have an “a-ha!” moment only to find out that the idea was of limited use or added more complexity than it was worth. Hopefully whoever else takes a look at this can find an easier solution.


                    Also, to be clear about my requirements/design criteria I’d set myself the following goals: a) Minimizing the amount of string manipulation for performance reasons; b) Using as few conditional statements as possible because my experience has been that when using conditions in mathematical operations it’s all too easy to end up with a tangled mess, and that definitely happened here. For example I’m using absolute numbers and then converting back to negative at the very end to simplify the math;  c) Requiring that the solution would work on numbers of any size or precision, and d) Having a formula that would work at any calculation level. The solution that I posted fails d) as-is through using regex for the thousands separators where regex are not presently supported by table calcs, though in the formula I provided a link to a more complicated alternative using regular string functions and a lot of IF statements.



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                      Anjali Sn

                      This is perfect as it solves my current problem but yeah very complicated. I will go with it for now. However, in your solution, is it possible to have consistent number of decimal places? For example, I have a number: 55.00 and I'm providing 2 as the number of decimal places, but when we get the rounded string for this number, it is coming as : 55.0. it's working fine for cases that have decimal parts for example 86.7512 gives 86.75.

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                        Jonathan Drummey

                        Hi Anjali,


                        I'm glad it's working for you (mostly) and I'd be glad to get it working for the number 55 or 55.00. However when I try that with the Excel spreadsheet that I'd posted in the workbook I see 55.00 as expected:


                        Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 7.20.46 PM.png


                        Can you post a Tableau packaged workbook with sample data and the calculation showing the problem? That way I can diagnose what's going on.



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                          Jonathan Drummey

                          Anjali Sn, would you like help getting the consistent number of decimal places or are you ok with the solution as-is?