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    Filter with 'contains' from word cloud 2018.2

    John Sheehan

      Hi all - this is a little beyond my Tableau reach. I have a dashboard with a word cloud populated by a table with tokenized terms. I have a detail section of the actual participant survey comments (a different but related data source). What I want to do is filter the detail and display only comments that contain the selected word in the word cloud. I am not sure how to do this, and I expect it becomes even more complicated should the user select more than one word in the word cloud (And / Or?) Any help would be appreciated!

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          I made an attempt to try this through Tableau Prep.

          The flow is shown below and is attached.

          The first step was to split the question by right-clicking

          on that field, selecting Split, then Custom Split, then

          " " (space) as the separator and "All" for split off fields.

          (shown below).


          Then the next step was to pivot all those fields.

          And create a new output.

          Then in your dashboard, you can just link

          the [Term] field to [Pivot Field Values].

          You should be able to multi-select words.


          OF NOTE: this is a one-time split,

          so if new questions arise with more than the current

          number of words, the extra words will be cut off.

          Possibly with a wildcard search on fields containing SPLIT

          this may update itself. Also Prep is soon to become scheduled

          so that will help with auto-updating the Flow.

          Please see twbx v2018.2, tflx v2019.1, and .hyper attached in the Forum Thread:

          Filter with 'contains' from word cloud 2018.2