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    I need feedback please

    Olive MG

      I am a data analyst Student  and we are learning to use tableau.  We  are supposed to get feedback on  our visualisations.  Some questions to help you are below:


      Could you please provide a feedback:

      What do you notice in the visualization?

      What questions do you have about the data?

      What relationships do you notice?

      What do you think is the main takeaway from this visualization?

      Is there something you don’t understand in the graphic?

      Thanks in advance


      Tableau Public





      Additional info: - Jim and Chris, I thank you for all your comments. First and foremost,  I forgot to mention the contents of the dataset.

      "A data set containing 1,157 baseball players including their handedness (right or left handed), height (in inches), weight (in pounds), batting average, and home runs." ....only.

      Thats all the data I have to work with.  HR and Avg are the only measures of performance provided.   Your comments are very useful.  I will change the abbreviations R,L , HR etc

      Note that the visualisations are interactive.  Do change the parameters and see how it affects the other variables.


      Jim - your comments :

      Handedness.  The visual shows that Right : Left : both ratio is 59.8 : 33.8 : 6.4%   - the visualisation shows that performance (HR and AVG) is best when one is either Right or Left handed and not both.

      About age - sure,  there lots of issues that contribute to performance but I  am working with the data provided.

      Top players - use the interactive buttons on the right  to get the topn10 or 20 or 5.


      Chris - your comments

      Yes - I will change the titles right away.

      Same height...no - depends on which visual you are looking at and the selection in right panel.  Use it to intereact with the visual plse.


      Thanks again,



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          Chris McClellan

          Disclaimer : I don't know anything about baseball, I do understand the basic theory of the game though.


          What do you notice in the visualization?

          1st story point

          - All the heights are almost the same.  That's because no one is less than (guessing) 48".  There is a lot of debate whether you should include the 0 in this sort of graph, but it might make sense here to show the comparative heights of each player

          - HR is Heart Rate, maybe Hit Rate ? Don't worry, it's just my not understanding the game terminology, but am I the target audience or not ?

          - Handedness is easier to understand - Left, Right or Both but you have the space to use the whole word rather than a single letter

          2nd story point

          - The handedness order on the bar graph is R, L, B

          - The handedness order on the scatter graph is B, R, L

          - Shouldn't they both be L, B, R (is that the more natural order?)


          I'll get back to this later, just wanted to post a few quick comments

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Olive

            Just some comments -

            first off you say you are looking at players performance but you are only looking at HR and Batting Average - there are other measures of performance - like fielding percentage, OB percentage, strike outs, and many more - so it you are only going to look at HR and average - need to change the titles

            second - you focus a lot on handedness - R/L/B - but the general population is about 10-12% left and 88-90% right handed - does that mean left handed people make better baseball players?

            - you also look into total HR's as attribute of handedness - how does length of career affect a metric like total HR

            - also are players who play in the NL where the pitcher doesn't hit and the ERA is about 1 run better than the AL have better performance at lower averages or HR's

            the third chart I guess is looking at career top 5 performers - that data is by its nature sparse to draw conclusions

            How were the top 5 or 10 players determined - don't see some name there that the casual fan would expect - did Henry Aaron or Babe Ruth not make the list?


            Just a POV



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              Jim Dehner

              Hi Olive

              just an additional comment or 2 - I understand the user can change the number of Top Players - the point is that if some players are not in the dat like Aaron or Ruth it leads to questions about the data - looks like they were excluded or the data set is not complete - and the results reflect a subset of all players _ I did download your book and found that the top N players are determined by the number of HRs hit in the filtered dataset - Not clear from the title that Total HR's is the criterion

              I didn't bring up age I brought up length of career - when you present an absolute metric like total HR the results get skewed to players who had long careers -


              One final comment - I did not see any attributes - if you pulled the datafile from a source there should be an attribute to the source



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                Olive MG

                Hi Jim,

                I will try to clarify a few things -

                1.  Choice of number of players means filtering, this does not change the underlying data.  I attach the link to the data below if you want  it.

                Indeed the game of baseball is both a team sport and an individual sport.   So there lots of factors that contribute to ones success, this is a small data set with only 2 KPI ( homerums and batting average).

                Very simplified for a beginers class environment.


                Updated - Tableau Public


                Thanks for all your comments - will use this to complete my assignment.


                Link to data below:


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                  Olive MG

                  BTW - Chris thanks about the   " - Shouldn't they both be L, B, R (is that the more natural order? "


                  This allowed me to sort and to look further into my analysis and come up with better conclusions.