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    Opinions on custom schedules (for 2018.TSM versions)

    Toby Erkson

      Since 2018.TSM (all versions of TS 2018.2.0 and newer) there is the ability to have custom subscription schedules:  Enable Custom Schedules for Subscriptions - Tableau


      1. Who here has a production TS and are using custom schedules for subscriptions?
      2. Do you like them?  Does it make your job any easier?
      3. Do your end users like this feature?
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          Jeff Strauss

          Thanks for the heads up.  I must have been living in a closet as I didn't know this existed.  And we're going live this w/e with 2018.3.2, so maybe I will throw this one in here for the mix (at least the enable via TSM).  Back to your question, I'm not sure on the applicability, I guess it can make things more flexible especially for "Tableau Online", but I'll have to check with our business users whether this would actually help them or not.  I think having alerts generated whenever end users need them is more useful.


          P.S. I like the concept of having both fixed schedules and custom user defined schedules, but it seems like one or the other.