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    Request on how to Hide Rows to show only Subtotals - LOD has Calculation, hence does not work


      Hi Friends,


      I am working with getting the subtotals for a category that is calculated based on certain criteria.  Here I have 2 sources of data 1) from Salesforce and 2) A Revenue Report . The common link is the Opportunity ID. Based on the close date in Salesforce, I am further categorizing the Revenue into 2 buckets, Revenue from Current Quarter vs. Backlog. I need the % split between the 2 and eventually create a pie chart displaying the subtotals. Unfortunately if I take out the Opportunity IDs, then the subtotals wont appear. I tried to leverage some of the ideas that were posted in the forum but I eventually get stuck as when you have to use LOD to get the Sum Total. The error I get is LOD can not include table calculations.


      Attached is a sample of the report that I am working on. please can you help me .