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    Tableau Story Not Updating

    lawrence napier

      I'm using Live Connection to a MySQL database.  New data updates to the MySQL database are not updating to the report I access via URL.  However, I know the changes in the MySQL database are posting there because when I refresh data sources in my workbook, they post.  Even after that, I refresh the URL and there is no update.  Our Tableau Server Admin says there is nothing wrong with the Tableau Server.  However, I am the only customer using Live Connection.  Any ideas concerning what could be happening here?  Thanks

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          Paul Wachtler

          Hi Lawrence,


          I'm not exactly sure the issue but your Tableau Server Admin should be able to tell you why the data is not refreshing in your report.  A live connection, I believe, should update when the datasource is updated (even if it's slow to do so).  Your admin simply telling you that it's working without offering a way to resolve your issue sounds like they're being a bad admin.


          It sounds like your Tableau server may not be set up to enable live data connections or that extracts are needed.  If you can't get the live connection working, I recommend trying an extract and setting the extract to update hourly or daily.

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            lawrence napier

            Thanks for the response.  I was trying to gather some insights to ask my

            Tableau Admin on Monday.  I am meeting with him to try to get him to

            explain why Live Connections is not working.  We can't use extracts,

            because the Tableau Report is a dashboard that needs to update in five min

            or less cycles to present support tickets from our support ticket system.

            We can't wait long periods of time for the ticket info to update. We have a

            30 min response time so need the data as soon as possible. Are there any

            specific questions I should pose to him to get him to look deeper?


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            On Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 8:43 PM Paul Wachtler <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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              Paul Wachtler

              I guess my first question is - are other live connections updating in real time in Tableau server?


              If so, are other live connections from that same MySQL database updating in real time?


              If both of those are true, then it's possibly something with that individual database and how it's set up.


              If the first is true, but the second isn't, then that MySQL server probably isn't set up to allow for live connections to the Tableau server and may require some setting updates.


              One other possible thing - did you embed credentials with the dashboard when you published it?  It may need those to allow for the live refresh.


              Those are some things to start with.  I'm hoping your admin helps troubleshoot this with you.