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    "Tableau Software - tackling the data mountain"  Article in gigabitmagazine

    Ciara Brennan

      Hi folks

      You may have come across this already, but I thought I'd share this comment from Adam Selipsky...

      Tableau Software: Tackling the data mountain | Cloud Computing | GigaBit


      “The company also has this really unusual and unique asset – and that’s the Tableau community. It's an incredibly energizing group to be a part of and frankly, it's also an incredibly important asset for the company. It's not easily matched by spending money on it. It’s something I think has been very carefully nurtured over a great number of years.”


      I'm still somewhat of a newbie, having worked for the company for just over 5 months, but I completely agree that the Tableau Community is an energizing group. I love how so many of the Ambassadors take the time to help fellow Community members and share your tips and tricks.


      I'm proud to be part of this Community
      Thanks, Ciara



      PS, thanks for the suggestion Toby Erkson