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    Data model help/guidance to speed up extract time with pulling same data from same table via different fact field

    Neil Abram

      Hi, we are using Tableau server 10.5.9 and have a data model question.

      We are doing extracts from MS SQL Server.


      We have a fact table of orders, and for each order we have a Ship To Customer and a Bill To Customer

      90% of the time the Ship To and Bill To are the same, but we have some customers whose branches place the order with a central billing company/head office so we need to be able to create dashboard based on the customer record for both of them.


      As they are both records on the 'customer' table, 90% of the time it is the same record as Ship To = Bill To,  I am having to link from my orders table to the customer table twice.  Once based of Ship To ID and once based on Bill To ID


      This works but the tables are large so can we edit the model so we only need to pull back once, but still see the fields both as Ship To and Bill To, so the end result to the dashboard design is the same.


      thanks in advance.