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    Av 3 months figure -


      Hi All,


      Hope you are well.Happy New Year!


      I have small issue. I have a monthly Bottom 20 report in staff memebers by Deals per day (Deals / Days Worked). That report is for say 2019 January (so far). I need a number beside whcih takes the Aveage of that paticular Employee (Staff Number) and does a Average for 3 months.


      I tired to use this formula but not working as you see the coloumn on the worksheet


      Effectively I need the aveage to be the average for (Dec 2018,Nov 2018 and Oct 2018). ONly if average is >0. For example next month in feb 2019 will be tthe average for Jan 2019,dec 2018 and nov 2018.


      I ama bit stuck