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    Calculated field problem : iterating across i-1 column value

    Alexis Doan

      Hi everyone,


      I am having some troubles to do a calculated field. I am doing a workbook to see connection of users across a program. In order so you can understand better the problem I'll tell you some variables. First, we have a Week (string) that I would like to put in my final view as columns. There are several weeks going from 1 to 10 for example in a program. I already have a calculated field called Connection that displays the number of connected people across the weeks but I want something more. I would like to have a calculated field that display for each week the number of connected people the previous week (so i-1).


      My final view would contain:

      - In column there would be all the weeks of the program

      - In rows stacked bars of Connection and the new calculated field that I am trying to do which display the number of connected people who already connected the week before. So for the first week for example, there would be 0 users connected.


      I know that I have to use LOD but I am new to this concept and I have no idea on how to solve my problem...


      Thank you in advance.


      Sorry if I don't share any workbook, there are some sensitive data in it.