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    Prep 2018.3.2: ODBC driver not working using command line

    Jack Baker

      Prep flow works fine when running via GUI but fails with the error below when we try to automate it from the command line. Machine is 64bit, maybe a class path needs to be added to tableau-prep-cli.bat in order to get the driver working?


      F:\Tableau\Prep Flows>"F:\Tableau\Tableau Prep 2018.3\scripts\"tableau-prep-cli.bat -c "F:\Tableau\Prep Flows\Credentials.json" -t "F:\Tableau\Prep Flows\Job1.tfl"

      JAVA_HOME is set to : F:\Tableau\Tableau Prep 2018.3\scripts\..\Plugins\jre temporarily

      Preparing to run the flow : F:\Tableau\Prep Flows\Job1.tfl

      Loading the flow.

      Loaded the flow.

      Updated the connections with supplied credentials.

      Established input connections to remote connection: XXXXXXX

      Failed to connect to server  with connection ID b98067cd-b8b3-496e-adf9-baae0d617636:

      An error occurred while communicating with Teradata.

      Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error  126: The specified module could not be found. (Teradata, C:\Program Files\Teradata\Client\15.00\ODBC Driver for Teradata nt-x8664\Lib\tdata32.dll). Unable to connect to the Teradata server "XXXX". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.