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    Visualizing duplicates requiring multiple dimensions

    Sean Martin

      Hello experts,


      I'm attempting to work on a new visualization and hitting a wall as to how to proceed.  Hopefully someone here with more experience than I will have some insights to help.


      As a summary of what I'm trying to achieve:

      - I have data of when customers use our assets

      - In this data set, there are approximately 150 customers and approximately different 6,000 different assets across a 2 month period

      - I'd like to show only where an asset have been used more than once in a day


      To date, I haven't been able to find an effective way to calculate and visualize this.  The challenge seems to be showing number of uses by asset by customer by day - but only where the number of uses for a day is >= 2.


      Any help would be very appreciated.




      *Edited to include workbook.*

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          pavan hm

          Hi Sean,


          This can be done. Pls attach the workbook with dummy data. I should be able to help you.

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Sean

            you can do this with LOD expressions - not clear on the question - are you interested in customers that use any asset or they need to use the same asset more than once in a day


            in any event start with and lod that looks at cutmers and day combinations - like {fixed [customer],[date]:countd(assets)}

            will count the unique assets used by customer by day - then just filter for >=2



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              Sean Martin

              Thanks for the responses.


              I've now attached a "safe" version of the workbook with relevant data anonymised and non-relevant data removed.  As you can see, I'm struggling to find a good way to visualise this.


              Ideally, I'm trying to show for a given day, the number of assets that have been played more than once in a day - and potentially how many times they were then played.  As an example, a chart showing the number of asset plays at a customer venue beyond one - per day - and then being able to drill down to each customer if needed.


              Thanks for the tip with LOD expressions.  I haven't had much experience (or luck) with them to date, but will have a shot using your tip as a starting point.


              Thanks again,