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    Need assistance filtering multiple entries of similar data

    Sandra Romero

      Hello all,


      I have been trying multiple ways of filtering, creating new field etc. Also trying multiple methods from different forums, but have had no luck. In this data set I have multiples of public business data, the only difference in the entries for one business are NAICS codes and the NAICS Description. If I do COUNTD for just the Business Name I am able to filter for just the number of businesses which is around 3000. I however want to SUM the amount of Businesses that are marked as MBE and WBE. If a business has 8 NAICS codes, they will have 8 entries. Within a given zipcode there might be only 5 businesses with a Distinct Biz Name but then 30 MBEs and 15 WBEs if we Sum or just Count MBEs. Ideally I would want to find a way to filter or create a calculated field that just uses one single entry from per biz (doesnt matter which one) to learn if it's marked as a MBE or WBE. Then I can sum those distinct businesses per zipcode or city or other dimensions. I hope this makes sense? If not please let me know. Also I am working with Tableau Public. Thank you!!




      Tableau Public <- here is a link to the workbook im using/making. I'm using version 2018.3.1