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    Getting a Dimension to show each value rather than *

    Jennifer Hysuick

      I have a workbook with 2 data sources. The first one is a list student (apps, enrolments and grads)- all tied together by an ID). The second data set is a set of transcripts for most of the students in the first data set - they are linked by the student's ID.


      In Prep, I created a calculated field called Subject Groups - grouping all the Math courses together, the Science courses together, and then all the rest (in the transcript data source).


      What I would LIKE to do is to create a workbook that will have the three different Subject Groups along the top, the IDs down the left, and then pick the highest grade in each subject group. For example, Student A has Math A (60), Math B (73) and Math C (74). Under the Math Course Subject Group, I want it to show me 74.


      Currently, I can only get the Subject Groups to show up - if I have them all (other than NULL), all I get is *, and then it shows me the MAX grade across all groups - but I want the max for each student in each group.




      Ultimately, my goal is to have a sliding filter for each of the Subject Groups so I can filter out students who don't have a mark in each of the groups that meets certain criteria.


      I have included a packaged workbook with an example of the data and what I have.