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    Set action gives bad totals for "out" group

    Joshua Preston

      Hello - I have a rank filter for Top N tweets. Each sub-unit in the company has Top N tweets . I'm using a set action to show and hide (IN/OUT) the Top N based on the sub-unit selected.

      Everything works fine except for the Label on the mark, which shows the total Tweets for the quarter, not just the Top N, for the OUT groups. Any ideas how to get the correct label? thank you. 2018.3 tbwx attached. Jim Dehner I hope you might be able to help. thx.


      Example with the unit "Constellations": (the circle marks total 187, but when the unit is OUT, it shows 869, the total for the quarter)


      CORRECT numbers showing on IN set:



      INCORRECT numbers showing when OUT set: (869 is for the whole quarter)