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    Tableau Exam Inconvinience


      Hello guys,

                        I had tableau desktop specialist exam today and it was a very bad experience from the organizers side.They took almost 40 min to do the speed test and procotor test bla bla... and confirmed me that everything is ready and working fine and i started my exam but after 5 min of my exam the server is responding very slowly and they said we cant do anything and again after 5 min it was disconnected so they said please give a moment and in the mean while i lost my time almost 10 min so i asked them can you pause the time and can you provide me alternative because i am loosing my time they said we cannot pause the time and i asked them what i have to do and finally i logged in the server the time remaining for me was 5 min how its possible to answer 30 questions in 5 min and they said we cant do anything please contact loyalist exam support so that they can help you so what i have to do in this situation.Can tableau support team can help me in scheduling a other appointment because i havent even spended 10 min of my exam.