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    Operations in unequal rows

    Miguel Duran



      Here is an interesting problem (which I don't manage myself to sort out). This is my situation:

      Screenshot 2019-01-10_17-07-52-178.png

      Some Languages contain two rows for Sales A and Sales B, and in this case, I would like to calculate [Sales B] - [Sales A] in the [MOS_delta] calculated field. Problem is that the order of the Sales A and the Sales B rows is not always the same, so something like


      [Sales B]-LOOKUP([Sales A],1)


      [Sales B]-LOOKUP([Sales A],-1)


      will not always work. I have also try to ZN (fill void cells with zeros) but I don't get any further


      Cases where there is only one row per Language should be ignored (null in MOS_delta).


      Can anybody help me out?