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    Reset Filter

    shanmuga prabhu

      Hi All,


      Please let me know how to add reset filter, which should clear all values .

      Don't want to add Selected filter and specifying the fields



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          Claire Smith

          Hi Shanmuga,


          If you can attach your .twbx file, I may be able to assist you.


          Without seeing your exact problem, I have two thoughts:

          • If you're trying to clear a filter from a dashboard action, you need to make sure on the dashboard action options, you're selecting the button that says clearing the selection will show all values (see the link below)
          • If you're trying to clear a filter on a sheet, Tableau doesn't have the option for a "reset" button, BUT you can click on the filter options > customize > Show "all values" button.  With an "all" option, clicking it once will select everything, and clicking it again de-selects everything, essentially resetting it (see screen shot below).


          If this helps you, please mark as the correct response to help other's find it quicker! Thank you!


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            Paul Wachtler

            Hi Shanmuga,


            If your viz is published to Tableau Online or Tableau Server, a user can click the "Revert" button at the top of the viz to reset all the filters.


            Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 5.08.32 PM.png