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    Connect parameters to a 'Reset Filters' button

    Emma Lock

      Hi all,


      I have a dashboard on which users can select a start and end date to see agricultural data within the chosen dates. I have created start and end date parameters as explained in the post https://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/creating-a-filter-for-start-and-end-dates-parameters .


      In addition, I have some filters (quite a few). I have created a 'Reset Filters' button that connects to the filters and returns them back to default (for easy use of the dashboard). This is done through a Filter Action. I did that as described in this video: Add a "Reset All Filters" Button to Your Tableau Dashboard - YouTube .


      My problem is that I cannot connect the Start and End Date parameters to the Reset button. As there are a lot of years of data, it would be difficult for the user to reset it themselves manually. Is there a way of creating an Action on a parameter like you can do with a filter. Or perhaps a better way to do this?


      I am pretty new to tableau, so if you can answer, please try be descriptive so that I can follow along.

      Thanks in Advance.