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    lines to form a band ?

    motorace addict

      bear with me,

      On the london underground map (see BBC - London - Travel - London Underground Map ), if 2 railway lines use the same line between two stations, then the coloured lines join together to create a band, and both lines are visible.



      F1 Penalty Points (see https://public.tableau.com/shared/YJJSFHMR3?:toolbar=no&:display_count=yes ) Grosjean and Sirotkin received the same penalty points at the same races upto the 17th race - Japanese GP,  but you can't see Sirotkin's green line as it is hiding behind Grosjeans grey line.


      So is there a way of their lines joining together as a band, like you see in the london underground map ?

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          Esther Aller

          Hi Motorace addict,


          To give you a quick incomplete answer, if you stack marks they will not overlap. If you stack lines (Analysis > Stack Marks > On ), then the second line is graphed x above the previous line. For example, if both lines are at x=3 and you stack marks then line 1 will be at x=3 but line 2 will be at x=6.


          You maybe be able to do some complicated calculations that check if the lines overlap, and if so make the second line have a value of 1 rather than the actual value. This way the line will be graphed 1 above the other line.


          Hope this helps

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            motorace addict

            Thanks Esther that's what i'm looking for,


            At one point there is 6 drivers on 4 penalty points, so if i could do the necessary calculations, would this solution still  work ?

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              Esther Aller

              Yeah, even with multiple lines, the second one will be 1 above the first, the third one will be 1 above the second, etc...


              The only thing I would worry about is spacing. You might want to do a number less than 1 if the axis has a small range of values.