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    Date Updater (Tableau) - 1 hour off

    Martijn Beuker

      Hi, I'm using the Date Updater to enter the current date/time (Today()) I like it very much. However I have three issues:

      1. On the Server the time is 1 hour off (less in my case). It seems to use UTC in stead of UTC+01. We use Dutch locale. The server (Linux) uses (and shows) local times, also the Tableau  Server shows in the "Status" reports the correct times. Do I miss a setting, or is something wrong?

      2. The Biztory version is nice, however does not work on my system. The rounding could be nice to implement in the Tableau version, to use the caching (more/better). E.g. round to the latest hour or any regex.

      3. When I provide a value from the URL, the page is generated. the extension however also 'kicks in' after this and the page is regenerated. In my case this takes 2x 15 min (due to SQL functions on a live database). My suggestion is to skip parameters which were provided by the URL (if possible)




      [updated with 3rd issue, and some details on the 2nd]

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          Keshia Rose

          Hi Martijn,


          Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into the Date Updater time zone issue. In the meantime, however, perhaps you could create your own extension that does exactly what you want? It seems you just need a parameter to be updated to the current date/time and maybe rounded to the hour. This is something you can do very easily with a little bit of javascript. If you are not interested in coding though, you could try out my Latest Date Updater, which updates dates based on max data source values. In your case, just create a calculation with just NOW() in it and use that as your field. This way the date/time should match up to what you are seeing in Server, since Tableau will be the one generating it and you could even round it to the nearest hour(ex: DATETRUNC('hour', NOW()) ).


          Take care,