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    Dynamic Header in Tableau

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello All


      I want to create a functionality in which i can see dynamic name of the measure. Now the brief explanation of this is that i have created two calculated field and placed them on row shelf. Now both my calculated field names are Previous Quarter Field  calc and Next Quarter field calc and both of them are measure and i made it discreate . Now both these calculated field are linked with two parameter. Now i want that whatever the value i select in paramter 1 and parameter 2  it should display that value as a name of the measure which  instead of  Previous Quarter Field Calc and Next Quarter Field Calc


      See the snapshot below


      Now you can see the in Select previous quarter Q1 2017 Avg is selected and in Select Next Quarter Q2 2017 Avg is selected. So i want both these names to appear instead of Previous Quarter Field and Next Quarter field respectively  in the row shelf